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The beginning:

Gretchen Andrew hacks systems of power with art, code, and glitter. Originally conceived as an experiment (Can the internet make me into an artist?) Gretchen left Silicon Valley in 2012. She is known for her unique merger of traditional mediums and strategic information technology. 

Ai Weiwei and Gretchen Andrew

Gretchen Andrew discussing her work with Ai Weiwei at the opening of her exhibition

Trust Boundary, 2021

gretchen's story


gretchen leaves silicon  valley

Finding herself unhappy in the supposedly best job you could get gretchen started to wonder about what it would be like to be celebrated for the unique way she saw technology's creative potential. She believed in the power of technology to make her into something new, to make her into an artist. She had no prior training or evidence this might work out. Her family and friends through she was crazy. She began with YouTube Videos "how to stretch a canvas" and "how to draw hands."


gretchen trains with Billy Childish

When gretchen first met her favorite living painter in 2013 she showed him her work. Billy told her it was terrible and she famously replied, "I know. That's what I showed up at your studio." With Billy Childish she learned the deep traditions of drawing and painting. 


The V&A publishes her book "Search Engine Art"

Born of a mutual curiosity for how digital and net art practices can be understood, the publication documents nine artists whose works are in some way co-authored by search engines.


The Art World Takes Notice

Upon hacking the Frieze Art Fair in 2019 Gretchen was catapulted to art world notoriety with international coverage, solo museum exhibitions, prestigious residences and major acquisitions. She made her first Vision Boards in 2020 as part and had subsequent solo exhibitions in California, London, Austria, Germany, and Dubai.


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More than 100 international media outlets have written about gretchen and her practice.
We keep a running list here

gretchen's work dares us to dismiss it

After leaving Silicon Valley for a world that would allow her to be herself, Gretchen became known for her playful hacks on major art world and political institutions, including FriezeThe Whitney BiennialArtforumThe Turner Prize, and The 2020 Presidential Election.  

Champagne Solutions Team.

I couldn't do this alone and never would want to. 

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What This is All About for gretchen

Job Description

Be celebrated and get paid lavishly for being myself. Often seen as the privilege of the artist, I believe everyone in the art world and in tech should have this same opportunity.  

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Valuable Goals

Create financially and culturally valuable artworks and experiences that people feel connected to, understand, celebrate and pay for. 


Rule the Artworld with a Bejeweled Open Palm

Inspire and create a future based on the world we want. 

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Subversively Mission Driven

Reclaim technology as a positive and more inclusive space. 

About Internet Literacy

Mini Media Empire

Write about art's intersection with technology from the inside. Give voice and have a perspective that my work is part of.

Gretchen Andrew as an "inside" writer

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