What if we educated AI based on the world we want, not just the world we have had?

I believe AI is creationary, not just predictive. It creates our futures as much as it anticipates it.  By injecting my Vision Boards, my visual hopes for the future, into the developing brain of Big Tech’s AI, I am teaching our computers to dream wider than our current world. 

Google uses a form of machine deep learning and neural nets in an attempt to improve its search engines. This is a fancy way of saying that Google takes all the content that is on the internet and develops artificial intelligence based on it as inputs.  Google educates an AI with the internet’s content as its classroom. (Terrifying! Would you want your child raised on internet content!?!?! How about your future machine overlords?) 


We can see this by conducting a reverse image search, also known as “search by image.” You can do this for any image by right-clicking and selecting “search by image.”  This feeds the image into Google’s AI and asks it, “Google, based on everything you know, what is this is an image of?”







My work reverses the direction of artificial intelligence, making it a forward-dreaming tool of possibility.