Artificial intelligence, like human intelligence, gets its education from somewhere.


Artificial intelligence has to be educated and humans have to decide how to educate it.


For example, if an artificial intelligence were trying to predict what the next American president looked like it would look at all past American presidents and more or less average them. 


Barack Obama's eyes

Donald Trump’s “hair”

Franklin’s Roosevelt’s lips

George Washington’s nose? 

Artificial intelligence is inherently backward-looking. 


Artificial intelligence uses what already has been to anticipate what will be.


In my search engine art/ internet imperialism practice I use programming, information theory, search engine optimization, and meta data to inject my vision boards into the developing brain of the internet’s artificial intelligence.


(Imagine me cohersing all of Google’s robots to visit my studio)

My vision boards visualize my hopes and dreams for the future whether that’s the next American president, my artwork on the cover of Artforum, my inclusion at Art Basel Miami Beach, or how women are represented online.  


And by sneaking my vision boards, by sneaking my hopes and dreams for the future into the internet’s class room I reverse the direction of artificial intelligence. 


My work reverses the direction of artificial intelligence, making it a forward-dreaming tool of possibility.  


In 2020 Gretchen’s work will be included in Art and Artificial Intelligence exhibitions with The Carnegie Center, Arebyte London, and Gazelli Art House’s  She guest lectured on Art and Artificial Intelligence at Cambridge University’s Emmanuel College in 2017. 

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