BOUYEZ Reppropriates processes, tools and artifacts of contemporary mass production to transport passengers to a romanticized future

Gretchen Andrew's HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO uses performance dinners & moving image work that explore the user-generated authority of YouTube "how to" videos.


I didn’t learn to do this in a classroom.  There was no acceptance letter or graduation.  

I’ve built this with YouTube “how to...” videos and the belief that the internet can teach you anything. .  

Sometimes you don’t want the path and sometimes the path doesn't want you.  Either way you walk it knowing where you are going.

This is the style:

You give yourself permission.

You let the work be the evidence.

You don’t look for someone to ask or approve or like.

You search and you find.

& you create with unelected, ungranted, uncertified authority.

THE LOOK BY BOUYEZ is based on reconfigurations and fragmented pieces of utility based clothing. The clothes are reformed to become Extravehicular Mobile Units


(projection onto clothing)

HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO draw is 30 day netart performance during which search engine artist Gretchen Andrew will explore instructional YouTube videos.  Each day she will watch one of YouTube’s 4 million “How to draw...” videos and use a digital drawing pad to create a new gif of the process.  These gifs are uniquely installed in Link Cabinet’s online exhibition space where they will be arranged to interact with each other in a composition that changes daily.   This performance builds on Gretchen Andrew’s HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO &  #accordingToTheInternet projects which look at the internet as a tenuous form of authority that can be used to understand, manipulate, and imperialize definitions.  Her digital performance echoes the artist’s own online education while questioning the extent to which we can learn and become by following explicit directions.   


Gretchen Andrew (born in California, 1988) is a Search Engine Artist and Internet Imperialist whose HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO &  #accordingToTheInternet projects look at the internet as a tenuous form of authority that can be used to understand, manipulate, and imperialize definitions.   Her search-based practice is accompanied by a painting practice that is used as an image source for her related Internal Imperialism.  She has completed projects or exhibitions with The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The V&A Museum, The Photographer’s Gallery, The British Film Institute, The Lumen Prize for Digital Art, The British Arts Council, The White Building, Ace Hotel, The London Film School, and Whitcher Projects. She works in London with the artist Billy Childish.