Champagne Solutions Team



I couldn’t have done it alone and never would have wanted to.


You made it happen. 

You are teaching me every day that success comes from a holy combination of high-level, long-term abstract dreaming and the operational nitty gritty.


Not just saying “yes” to the chandelier but finding it and installing it. 


Some of you I worked with closely every day. Others I met at the right time to solve curatorial, logistical, and other problems caused by Brexit, gravity, and a blended IRL/digital superman piñata


Thank you. 


I couldn’t have done it alone and never would have wanted to.


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2021 Champagne Solutions Team NFT badge.


These badges are part of my larger project NFT CV which presents past and aspirational accomplishments as Girl Scout style badges. They are part of the many ways I am exploring how we continue to yoke our mutual success. 

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2021 in review, thanks to you.

pd of works


Irum Ali- Thank you for being the reason why I’m sure my National Gallery X residency will be a major success 


Mila Askarova- Beyond your own support of my work, thank you for leading the best gallery team I’ve seen


Georg Bak - Thank you for selling my work to important collectors and introducing me to your NFT powerhouse community


George Barker - Thank you for welcoming new collectors to my work


Paritosh Biswas- Thank you for keeping our technology thriving like the AI-changing machine it is.


Bernadine Bröcker Wieder - Thank you for inventing and expanding my residency with The National Gallery


David Cash - Thank you for increasing the number of people who know, understand and celebrate my work


​​Annette Doms - Thank you for historicizing my work in your essay for my first museum catalog


Chris Eastham & Alex Harbin (Fieldfisher) - Thank you for making what could have been a stressful situation a clean and clear victory for my work


Valeria Szabó Facchin - Thank you for writing a great essay for my museum catalog and getting me involved with Ars Electronica


Louis Jebb - Thank you for the opportunity to curate the Art Newspaper XR Panel, and also storing my work for The National Gallery project when I had to leave London on a dime.


David Johnson & Abigail Miller (Unit Gallery & Institute) - Thank you for the above and beyond operational and curatorial problem solving


Inga Kleinknecht - Thank you for curating my work into the fullest expression of its meaning and joy.


Johann König - It was a dream to exhibit in St Agnes. Thank you for including me.


Corey Madden - Thank you for shepherding my first museum acquisition and being a bottomless resource of my confidence


Anika Meier - Thank you for including me in KÖNIG GALERIE’s Painting in the Digital Age and as well as introducing my work to many others.

Cordelia Noe - Thank you for making my dream of being on the cover of an art magazine a reality


India Price (Gazelli Art House, - Thank you for coaching me through my first NFT


Markus Reindl - Thank you for welcoming me and my work to the metaverse and making my opening the dance party it was

Nicholas Robinson - Thank you for reproducing my Other Forms of Travel in VR Artland and hosting the exhibition while other sites were down. 


Colter Ruland - Thank you for endlessly pursuing the outlets for my story and work and helping me craft what I do to widen its understanding.

Kenny Schachter - Thank you for curating my work into IRL, digital, and academic spaces


Sonja Schacht - Thank you for getting my work through German customs and selling my work at  König


Jack Shepherdson (Crozier Fine Arts) - Without your patience, persistence and finesse one of the major works in my Linz show would not be there.  


Nimrod Vardi - Thank you for being there to help me with my digital and physical work.


Alfred Weidinger - Thank you for trusting me with the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had. You gave me the resources and team to turn dreams into a reality. And you introduced me to Ai Weiwei and paid my customs duty.


Mark Westall - Thank you for endlessly sharing my work and becoming part of it with FadBazaar.


Aubrie Wienholt - Thank you for getting my story, work, and voice out in the world through your team at PR for Artists.


Studio Yukiko - Thank you for designing my Trust Boundary exhibition...I’m so excited for our book

Sebastien Millot

Tina Cucu

Lou Hillereau