#accordingToTheInternet: GIRLS vs BOYS

#accordingToTheInternet     HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO       INTERNET IMEPERIALISM

As we enter March’s Women’s History Month I am inviting you to a participatory performance brunch that explores how, and by whom, women are represented online.  In doing so I share how my latest Search Engine Art is hacking this trend.  


The internet has some sort of answer to everything.  Let’s spend a meal immersed in it’s strange, sometimes humorous, often dispiriting responses to gender and gender’s relationship to food.  We’ll learn HOW TO eat like boys, like girls, like women, like men while exploring who makes this content and why.

#AccordingToTheInternet is my ongoing investigation into the internet’s authority and its mode of defining. Through it I explore ways in which we trust and depend on the internet while exposing the ways it can be manipulated through Internet Imperialism and Search Engine Art interventions.  


#AccordingToTheInternet: BOYS vs GIRLS explores the link between food and gender as expressed through YouTube videos, image searches and other professional and user-generated content.


I’ll share gender-defining food & instruction with alternative modes, motivation and styles eating.


RSVP required: gretchenandrus at gmail dot com

Brunch: Sunday 2/25, 1:30PM

DTLA, Olive & Olympic 




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