Gretchen Andrew

Born in Los Angeles, United States, 1988

Lives and works in Los Angeles


B.S. in Information Systems, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 2010

Intuit, software engineer, 2006 - 2009

Google, people technology manager, 2010 - 2012

Billy Childish Studio Apprenticeship,  2013 - 2017



2019    NOT NOT THE TURNER PRIZE, Chelsea Cookhouse, London, United Kingdom

            Whitney Biennial 2019...Vision Board, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA

            View As, IsThisIt, London

2018 Roughly Translated As: Ubuntu, A4 Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

2017 Internet Imperialism: Bow, NH, 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA

          HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO draw,

2016 Interior, Whitcher Projects, Inglewood, CA

          HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO, Arebyte Gallery, London, United Kingdom

          Crossed Lines, Ace Hotel, London, United Kingdom

2015 Virtual Reality, De Re Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

          Pigment As Pixel, Hoxton Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2014 Painting As Interface, The White Building, London United Kingdom



2019 Art & AI, Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, Rüschlikon, Switzerland

2018 Search Engine Art, V&A Museum, London, United Kingdom (book)

2018 Mozfest Open Web, Mozilla Foundation, London, United Kingdom 

2014 Digital Futures, V&A Museum, London, United Kingdom



2019 Hennessy & Ingalls, Los Angeles

          Mozilla Foundation, London, United Kingdom

          University of East London, London, United Kingdom

2018 Wikimania, Cape Town, South Africa

          Lux Gallery, London, United Kingdom

          The British Computer Society, London, United Kingdom

2017 Emmanuel College at Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom

          The Photographer’s Gallery, London, United Kingdom

          Vivid Projects, Birmingham, United Kingdom

2016 The London Film School, London, United Kingdom

          The International Conference on the GIF, Bologna, Italy

2014 Digital Utopias, The British Arts Council, Hull, United Kingdom

          The British Computer Society, London, United Kingdom

2013 The British Film Institute, London, United Kingdom



Book: Search Engine Art, V&A Museum, 2018

Google Exacerbates the Internet's Sexism, Imperica, 2018

Search Engine Art: Internet Imperialism and the image in context, The British Computer Society, 2018

Virtual Reality as A Platform and Medium for Artists, White Wall, 2017

Wearable Technology and Electronic Visualisation of Artistic Process, The British Computer Society, 2014

A Moveable Fetish: Aesthetics of Post-Internet Art, Imperica, 2015

Painting in the New Public, HEAD TO HEAD, Edited by Jones, N. J. & Liotchev, I., Standpoint London, 2013

Experience Is Not Art, 2013



2015 The Delfina Foundation, London, United Kingdom

2016 Ace & Tate, London United Kingdom




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