I miss you. I miss swimming with you. I miss making a splash with you. I miss needing you to apply sunscreen to my back. I miss borrowing your sunglasses.  I miss boarding a plane knowing I'm about to see you.  My vision boards show the future I hope for, and this one includes you, me, and all our friends when we can be together again.  Let me help you keep your eye on the prize. And because I miss being inspired by you, I am distributing 50% of all profits to other creatives I love. 

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The Next American President

About my next project

This website, like The Next American President, is a net art vision board. This sites and the physical vision boards on it help Gretchen visualize the values and skills of The Next American President that she wants. 


The next american president is search engine artist Gretchen Andrew’s creative interference in the 2020 American presidential election. Creative interference? Creative disruption? Is Gretchen Andrew’s The Next American President just another Russian troll? What could possibly be good or creative when interfering with democracy? 


The Next American President is a vision board net art manifestation project that replaces top search results for The Next American President with her vision boards about the principles and values she personally hopes The Next American President shares. These vision boards are a million miles away from fake news. These The Next American President vision boards are clearly vision boards, clearly interfere with hope, positivity, and art. They cannot be confused for fact. Well, not by humans.

Google and the internet cannot parse desire. And by inserting her The Next American President  vision boards into Google Gretchen is actively reprogramming the artificial intelligence within Google, teaching the AI that The Next American President does not have to look like every other president we have had. 


See, artificial intelligence is inherently backwards looking. It can only use what has been to anticipate what will happen next. By programming her The Next American President vision boards into Google’s artificial intelligence training sets, Gretchen reverses the direction of AI and makes it a forward thinking tool of possibility.  


For my The next american president goals to manifest into my and the global internet reality, I need to speak about them as if they've already happened. 

The next american president is love

The next american president is open

The next american president is a reader of some of my favorite books. We could like have a book club.

Hell, The next american president is in my book club

The next american president is choice

The next american president is the environment


If mu intentions are for The next american president to find financial stability, The next american president should talk and act like they have it. Replace "I will/want" statements with "I have/am."


Go from, I will help you to, I am helping you.

Go from, I will love to, I am love. 


You've probably heard a successful person say something along the lines of, "I've always seen myself  as The next american president" or, "I've envisioned becoming The next american president for so long." 


The next american president achieves their ambitions when they're able to have a clear vision of what they want. 


In the TED Talk The Power of Visualization, Ashanti Johnson talks about how being The next american president and picturing America’s goals can help manifest them into reality.


Take risks, and put yourself in uncomfortable situations.


This might be where The next american president receives apprehension. It can be terrifying to leave what The next american president knows to pursue a different career path. 




Do we have a lifetime ahead to achieve The next american president? Not with the envirnment. And no matter what age The next american president is. The next american president will inevitably hit my goals, in the right timing. Focus on enjoying your life including the window and cheese and allow the pieces of the puzzle to fall where they may, doing your aligned action and keeping your energy in alignment. Realise that you are on your own ship, instead of comparing to The next american president- focus on how much progress you're making in your life in ALL aspects! Not just in business or money. 

Thank you for viewing my The Next American President Vision Boards