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Leaf Pattern Design

Barbican Beach Club

gretchen's studio located in London's historic Barbican Estate

Warhol's "Factory" brought a glorification of work and industrial processes into the studio. Gretchen's "Barbican Beach Club" celebrates luxury and leisure as part of the artistic process and community.

Opportunities to Visit & Related Projects

barbican beach club
Creative Computing Institute studio  visit at gretchen's Barbican  Beach Club

Fake it 'Till You Make it Academy

As the studio team grows gretchen has two goals in mind

  1. Be part of growing, rewarding, and paying young people in the art world properly. 

  2. As a first major project, run our Crypto Mermaids and By The Pool Communities.

By The Pool is a long-term, open community demystifying male-dominated knowledge topics in a fun, female, and approachable way. 

To this end, we have created the Crypto Mermaids


We are hosting a series of brief, online expert training sessions to empower the Crypto Mermaid team to sell our PFP.


These training sessions are 30mins with an expert to share practical tips for selling and making a NFT project successful. 


Hosting a session with us would help both the mission of 

"Support Crypto Education for those who feel isolated from Web3" and empowering a new generation in the art world. Offer to teach a Fake it 'Till You Make it session

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