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Internet literacy is the ability to access, understand, critique, and create information and communication content online. I believe the lack of internet literacy is one of the greatest risks of our day, driving skewed democracies, dangerous medical misinformation, and widening polarization in everything from wealth to education.  

Fundamentally these risks to society stem from a popular indifference and misunderstanding about how the internet works.  

Every year my art practice educates hundreds of thousands of people around the world about how search engines, artificial intelligence, tracking algorithms, synthetic media, and natural langue processing work.  Through press, social media, exhibitions, lectures, and articles my work converts the indifferent into the educated and the educated into the active. The value is in bringing this knowledge and the important conversations around it to a wide and diverse audience that is rarely seeking it out.  

It will come as no surprise to you that such work is not inherently valued or financially rewarded in our society.  Until recently this work is entirely funded by my art practice via sale of physical artworks.  

Which is why I am launching the ability to donate directly to my work in Internet Literacy.  Each donation retains a credit in the same amount that can be put towards a purchase of an artwork anytime within 3 years following the donation.  Every quarter you will receive a report containing examples and data on my work in this area.  

If you believe in the importance of internet literacy and my work within it but not currently interested in collecting my artwork, this is how you can show your support. 

Workshops, Talks & Lectures between 2019 - 2021 held at: 

  • University of Chicago

  • Boston College

  • Willem de Kooning Academie

  • Mozilla Festival X 3

  • Ars Electronica

  • The British Computer Society X3

  • Falmouth University

  • Center for Contemporary Art Austria

  • Arbyte London

  • University of East London

  • Chelsea College of Arts

  • Digital Now in Margate, UK

  • Wikipedia at Wikimania in Cape Town

  • British Arts Council Lux Gallery

  • Electronic Visuialization in the Arts

  • Emmanuel College at Cambridge University

  • The Photographer’s Gallery

  • Vivid Projects, Birmingham

  • others



Washington Post, Print and Online

Many net artists, like Andrew, use the Internet as a medium to infiltrate public space and challenge the corporate tech hegemony through digital interventions. Just as Warhol critiqued the media of his time by reproducing sensational news images in silk-screen prints, and as Duchamp subverted the conventions of the art world by seeking to place his urinal-turned-artwork “Fountain” in the sanctified gallery space, these net artists look to our digital world to elucidate its distortions and confront its hierarchies.

Front Page of CNN.COM

By doing so, Andrew emphasizes the inherent bias in search results, which is often mistaken for truth or fact.

"When we see art, we know that it's not global truth -- we know it's someone's lens," she said. "And that gets lost on the internet ... It's significantly less obvious to us ... that we are being presented with something that is the intent of somebody."

While Andrew hopes to manifest the presidential outcome she desires -- though she doesn't say who, she thinks it's implied -- she also wants to use her search engine art to encourage internet literacy and shift how we use it as a tool.

Case study: India

When I hacked the 2020 presidential election results my work blew up in Indian press and social media with articles in Vice India, India Express, India Today, NDTV and others.  For the first time, thousands of SEO workers saw their skill set as a creative force of self definition as opposed to Big Tech bit-work. 

Artificial intelligence

Sexism in Google

Selected Writings

Column Curator and Contributor, The Art Newspaper, 2020

What if We Educated AI..., The British Computer Society, 2021

Book: Search Engine Art, V&A Museum, 2018

Google Exacerbates the Internet's Sexism, Imperica, 2018

Search Engine Art: Internet Imperialism and the image in context, The British Computer Society, 2018


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I discuss my work in internet literacy with famed artist and political dissonant Ai Weiwei