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Hacks systems of power with art, code, and glitter



Oil Paint Printer 

Portraits are printed in oil paint using MatrLab's singular & proprietary oil paint printer. 

This unique machine ensures that gretchen's Facetune Portraits are officially and chemically classified as "oil on canvas" works.

1)  The printer first prints the original, unaltered image in oil paint. 

XY Plotter Drawing Robot

2 ) A custom robot then draws, paintings, pushes, smudges and carves the second portrait which is the result of facetune modifications into and on top of the original portrait. 

Gretchen's studio designed these custom robotics  to be reproducible anywhere in the world for under $500. This opens the opportunity to reproduce the robot at galleries and museums that wish to display the live process as well as the finished work.  It also makes the technical process of robotics accessible to those interested in learning or teaching it to students. All designs have been made open source and a How To hardware and software guide will be released with The Mud Foundation and The British Computer Society in summer 2024.  

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