CRYPTO by the pool

Demystifying male-dominated knowledge topics in a fun, female, and approachable way.

The goal of this content is to empower its readers to engage critically with seemingly intimidating topics without being intimidating.


Male-dominated knowledge topics, especially in technology and finance (crypto), are often presented as more complicated than they really are to preserve the powerful people that profit from them. It’s, like, totally unnecessary.  The world needs more women who have the confidence to discuss and shape the future in technology. This book is a wide open door to that process.   If you can’t discuss it while sipping on a Pina Colada it can’t be that difficult.  Requires no prior training in computer science, programming, finance or mathematics. Its only prerequisite is curiosity.  Its dress code is a bikini and sunglasses.  

Existing content on Crypto is often totally unapproachable, clearly marketed to a male demographic, or require the reader to label herself a dummy. 

“For Dummies” approach doesn't work for women. 

The ability to openly celebrate not knowing in a positively self-deprecating style is a privilege of men for whom the world more often assumes they are informed and capable.  Women are faced with a different challenge, the challenge of the incessant assumption that they are not informed or capable, especially in technical fields.  

“Idiots Guide” approach is not empowering.

We need a comfortable and wide open door for women to walk through when they want to learn something traditionally male without having to call themselves dummies or idiots.  

At its core identity, the By The Pool is about self-help, self-improvement for women seeking personal or professional growth through the empowerment of knowing what the hell is going on. The By The Pool  series is not defined by its topic (artificial intelligence, crypto currency etc) as much as by the receivers sense of self. The subject is always the reader’s confident ability to thrive in today’s world. The subject is always self empowerment. 

About Gretchen Andrew

As an artist I have built a career around looking like a dumb blond while blowing people’s mind with my technical power. I’ve created a community of women who feel empowered through my work and a critically respected and successful art career around demystifying technology through absurdly approachable.  People see me and think, "if she can do this, then I can too.” This is the same approach taken in Crypto by the pool.  


I’m an honors B.S. in Information Systems who worked 6 years in Silicon Valley as a software engineer, analyst, and product manager before dropping out of the male-dominated culture of tech. 


Since getting my first programming job at 16, javascript based ActionScript animation at the time, I’ve faced the prejudice and unconscious bias of the technology industry whose icons, then and now, are almost entirely male.  


From programming in javascript I worked at Intuit through university, received an honors degree in Information Systems from Boston College, and landed a much coveted job at Google. Then, in 2012, after years of frustrated ambition, demeaning comments, dismissive bosses claiming credit for my work, blatant and subdued sexual harassment, I ostensibly exited the technology industry.  


Ostensibly. But of course, I have never actually left tech. I only set out to do it differently.


Why is this relevant? 

The above is not just an explanation as to why I decided to develop my technical career and reputation outside of Silicon Valley and its corporate structures, but also why I am so passionate about the demystification of technology as a means to bring more women into it.  Having found the traditional technology path rife with hazards, I blazed a parallel trail through art, academic research, and education.   To the technology industry I am a well-trained, intentional outsider. 



Let's do it our way, by the pool. 

Gretchen Andrew manipulates systems of power with art, glitter and code. She is best known for her playful hacks on major art world and political institutions, including Frieze, The Whitney Biennial, Artforum, The Turner Prize, and The Next American President.  In these digital performances she reimagines reality with art and desire. She does this by making assemblage “vision boards” that she programs to become top internet search results. The feminine and trivialized materials of her vision boards purposefully clash with the male-dominated worlds of AI, programming, and political control they also operate within.  She trained in London with the artist Billy Childish from 2012-2017. In 2018 the V&A Museum released her book Search Engine Art. Gretchen’s work has recently been featured in Fast Company, Flash Art, The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, Monopol, Wirtschaftswoche, The Los Angeles Times, and The Financial Times.