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Glitch GIFs NFT

Digital, NFTs

Animation & photography

What appears to us as a glitch, Google interprets as complete truth.

These NFT GIFs are vectors for gretchen's hacks of Google and other major internet powers. They carry all the necessary metadata to infiltrate Google’s artificial intelligence. It is, like, soooo glitch feminism.


Glitch Gifs come in animated and thirst trap forms.


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Thirst Trap Glitch GIFs

Adopting the Thirst Trap form, Gretchen uses technical means to convert attention into algorithmic infiltration. Gretchen’s Glitch GIFs are technical vectors for the artist’s hacks of Google and other Big Tech algorithms. Gretchen hacked the 2020 presidential election results on Google. She is also known for her playful hacks on major art world institutions. In these digital performances, she reimagines reality with art and desire.

These GIFs, sold as NFTs, cause Gretchen’s work to appear as a top search result for, “contemporary art auction record.”  Knowing that Google registers only the first frame of a GIF,  the first of the 255 frames shows Gretchen’s Vision Boards for sale at major art auction houses while the remainder presents the viewer with a pretty, and pleasant animations in which the growing of plants is a metaphor for financial growth.

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