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Gretchen Andrew

Thirst Trap Glitch GIFs

Adopting the Thirst Trap form, Gretchen uses technical means to convert attention into algorithmic infiltration. Gretchen’s Glitch GIFs are technical vectors for the artist’s hacks of Google and other Big Tech algorithms. Gretchen hacked the 2020 presidential election results on Google. She is also known for her playful hacks on major art world institutions. In these digital performances, she reimagines reality with art and desire.

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Crypto Mermaids

Crypto Mermaids
coming soon

200 unique PFP NFTs that support crypto education for those who feel isolated from Web3. 

Crypto mermaids are a fun and feminine collectible NFT project with a cause.Collecting a mermaid allows crypto natives and novices to join a community of individuals with shared values.It’s also an investment in the by the pool community that empowers women through increased tech literacy. 

Crypto Mermaids are supported by Tezos. 

by Operator & Anika Meier

Unsigned is a collection of 100 signatures from women and non-binary artists created to reverse the current negative value of the signatures through their transformation into artworks themselves.

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