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You've worked hard to make something awesome
...what if people don't get it?

Customer education is a barrier to your success in Web3 projects. The Crypto Mermaids prioritize getting great Web3 work celebrated and understood through articles, guides, book clubs, and events. 


Web3 PR 

The Crypto Mermaids are an open community created with the goal of demystifying crypto, web3, and NFTs.

Crypto Mermaids can help get your Web3 project noticed and understood.

The Crypto Mermaids know that the creative visionaries of Web3 deserve to be celebrated.  In order for that to happen you need your work to be understood by a broader audience. The problem is Web3 technology is constantly evolving and is still confusing to a lot of people. This makes you feel stuck in a small community of insiders with limited reach and impact.


We believe that Web3 is for everyone and we understand what it is like to try to explain artwork and innovation when the basics aren't understood.

This is why we created the Crypto Mermaids, to demystify crypto, web3, and NFTs.  We want you to stop worrying about how you are going to explain the basics of the blockchain and instead focus on what makes your work unique. The Crypto Mermaids know that you and your team have worked hard to make something awesome and we want people to get it. Join the Crypto Mermaids | Learn more


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Why the Crypto Mermaids Matter

An Accenture study found that 50% of women abandon tech careers by the age of 35. Crypto Mermaids address the knowledge gap between men and women through absurdly fun education where crypto, NFT and Web3 are our doorways into financial and technological empowerment. 


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